Mommy Moments # 13 – Encounter with Animals

mommy moments
This is always my most awaited meme on Fridays because my kids were involved. It’s good if kids were part of our blogging world. I mean they were counted as part of my world too. It’s really good to be a mother. Maybe all of us would agree. There’s an unexplainable and unfathomable feeling within, lol! So deeep…
Anyways, I don’t have enough pictures, again, it’s in the Phil. but I will still join and be a part of this meme today.

My 6-year old loves to play with different animals. Actually here at home we have rabbits which was given to us by our friends here and he likes it. Our teenager also loves pets. When he was still small, he had a pet dog. It would always wake him up early morning.

Before coming back to Thailand, our friends brought us to the Manila Zoo. AJ was only 2 years old then and first time for us (my hubby and me) to be there too. So all of us had fun together, lol! We saw different animals and our eldest was only 10 years old.

We’ve been to Songkhla Zoo in Thailand, it was for the first time that we went there and our kids enjoyed. But sad to say that AJ doesn’t want to be back there because both of our kids got chicken pox there. For AJ, he thought that going there would make him sick of chicken pox again. So everytime we will tell him to go there as a family, he would cry a lot. It was already a trauma for him. However, having pets with AJ is okay and he will enjoy them.

These are not real animals. The locals are just creative in making animal designs. More on Mommy Moments

5 thoughts on “Mommy Moments # 13 – Encounter with Animals”

  1. dha! na phobia diay c AJ. K lang ma overcome rana nya kng modako na cya. Well anyway Sar, about sa donkey mails unsaon man nga maka join c love ako ang iyng referrals? hehehehe.

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