Loving and Caring Sister

My sister left Bacolod today, she prepared early this morning and the family brought her to the airport and sent her to Manila. She will be going tomorrow morning to Miami for another work awaiting her. She had been a blessing to all of us as her family. She even blessed us with many things. Every time she came, she brought with her all her pasalubong (gifts) for all of us. She just stayed for few weeks and went back again.

Our youngest sister blessed all of us in many ways; she has been supportive, caring and peace – loving, she loves to give especially for our parents, nieces and nephews. She loved to share. I just hope and pray that the Lord will give her the best person that will stay with her through thick and thin. The right person that will be with her and love her the way we do. MAy the Lord bless her indeed!


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