Kids – A Miracle

Being healthy is wealth for parents. A healthy relationship really matters. When our kids are still small, we desire them to have healthy environment, healthy mind and healthy relationships. Although at times, misunderstandings occur, quarrels may exhibit or even being hurt amidst the relationship cannot be avoided. But the good thing is, kids outgrow this kind of feelings and they just laugh after such an argument when they grow older.

Somehow, this photo shows the cutest part of their growing up experience. Something that I missed since they are now grown ups and have their own choices and work. Mothers like me would really recall the old times when kids are still in your hands while cuddling them. Your being a mother is something that no one could exchange and could even replace. It’s such a nice feeling to have children. It’s indeed a miracle that God manifested to mankind. The greatest thing that happened to a mother like me.

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