Giving Away $5

To give is to share. To share is always a part of me but doing it online is something I failed to do since I started blogging. I find it hard to do since I don’t have time to do it after I started working. I don’t even have time to blog, huhu!!!  I really forced myself to do it though. Now I’m back and willing to share something. I will be doing it every month.

This will be my first time  Giving Away some amount for those who are planning to visit my blog. Since I started blogging I didn’t dare since I don’t have any courage. Anyhow, this is high time for me to share and give the blogger with the highest visits for the month.

I don’t have any rules to follow. I just want you to visit everyday and write memorable comments. The blogger with the highest visits with your comments for the month will receive $5. As what I have said, it will be every month. Hope you will enjoy visiting my blogs. In December, higher amount will be expected. I enjoy sharing – so just come and give your smile.

It will start tomorrow, August 13 and will end on September 13, 2012 at 12 midnight. If there are many visitors I might add some amount to be given. Again, this is just new and I’m trying to work it out.

The blogs you need to visit:

1. His Unfailing Love
2. Melodygem’s World 
3. My Teenager’s Journey
4. Sharing and Giving
5. Creativity is Beauty

Sorry one of my blogs has closed comments. I didn’t know where to click to open the comments. Is there anybody who can help me? Anyway, enjoy your visits.  Would  you mind telling your friends too?  Thanks everyone!

5 thoughts on “Giving Away $5”

  1. Hi! It's been a long while 🙂

    Thank you for inviting me, in this giveaway. I'll cross my fingers when I get there. That reminds me to add your link in my page. Pardon my old-newbie-self, I have no backups whenever I change my blog them, before.

    Thank you so much.

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