Friday Photo Flashback

Friday Photo Flashback

More than Words has a lot to share for Friday Photo Flashback. This week I’m sharing our family picture 3 years ago. We visited some friends in Malaysia and stayed in a hotel for 2 days. It’s nice if you go with your family. Our sons are still small, Em-em was only 11 and AJ was 3 yrs. old. We look young too, lol! We also love Malaysian food especially Indian roti, Indian curry and other food. It’s spicy but delicious!!!

Try to join us, it’s fun to share your photos with us, just to reminisce the past.

4 thoughts on “Friday Photo Flashback”

  1. perfect for the memory to have a pictures from the past…family picture is always great to have…
    Have a good sunday and take care of your family…
    Anyway Thank you for you visit and comment….It´s mean a lot for me when people give response….hehehe!

    Thank you!

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