Custard Apple

Eating healthy is always my cry although at times I’m eating unhealthy food too. Fruits are important to health these days. It helps us to keep going, maintain good health and gives us strength everyday. I have seen online the benefits of my favorite fruit atis, known as custard apple. Here in the Philippines you could see a lot in every store. It’s good that I was eating it as much as I could since it tasted sweet and you will really love it after trying. I planted near our house so that we can eat more often. You will love it too.

My mother in our neighborhood is also fond of eating custard apple. When her tree started to grow, we usually waited for the time that the fruit would be ripened and start telling our mother to get it sooner. We love fruits of any kind although durian is not our favorite. Well, we can still eat other fruit aside from it.

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