Cheap Fruits

Fruits are everywhere around the globe. They are the best source of vitamins and minerals. I love fruits of any kind except for the one that loves by many, it’s DURIAN. I had been trying to eat a bit but I can’t bear the smell of it. My sweetie and my teenager loved it.
Look at the fruits here, these are the ones we love to eat especially AJ and myself. We love any kind of these fruits. It tastes delicious and our tummies were craving for more.
Fruits in Thailand is quite cheap and we enjoy it. Unlike in the Phil. fruits are quite expensive and we seldom buy especially mangosteen. But here in Thailand, oh how we love it. I discovered why it’s cheap because I asked my co-teacher before and she told me that the planters are the one who will sell the fruits. They don’t allow anybody to sell for them. It’s so different in the Phil. because the planter will sell it to the wholesaler to be forwarded to another buyer and to the middle man and the retailer. I guess, a lot of Filipinos didn’t enjoy expensive fruits.
For me, without fruits my day is not complete, huh! It’s gives me strength and I enjoy buying and eating them. My 6-year old followed my footsteps, he loves fruits too.

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