A Glimpse of My Wedding

Wedding is one of the most memorable event that may happen in any woman’s life. Every woman who is about to be married experienced mixed emotions: anxiety, excitement and uncertainty among the other unexplainable emotions that fills the heart. I know because I was once in the same situation. But despite all these emotions, we want the best for our wedding. We make sure that every thing is in order.

My wedding was not the grandest wedding a woman can dream. This was one of the simplest and the least expensive wedding as a matter of fact. My husband and I did everything on our own from the invitation, give-aways, buying of flowers to church decoration. Just imagine how haggard we were that time! We checked the invitation stores one-by-one for unique wedding invitations . But since most of the invitations were the same, we decided to design our own. We just bought the raw materials and created the invitation on our own. And indeed, ours is a unique one.

All our efforts and the hardships we encountered made the wedding more memorable. My husband and I cherish our wedding because we really made it to happen by God’s grace and help. And if I have to repeat the process again, I will still do it because it is all worth it!