Watermelon to the Max

Watermelon is the fruit of the season these days in Thailand. You can buy anywhere and cheaper. Last Sunday we joined a church outing after the service and we ate a lot of this fruit. The daughter of our friend who was only 2 years old loved to eat this. So she ate to the max… I could not imagine how she ate – she really ate and ate. I guess, she ate half of the fruit, huh! For a 2-year old, for me, that’s amazing!!! But she did it.

I discovered here in Thailand, if any fruit is in season, you can find a lot of it anywhere using their cars like Isuzu, or other expensive cars. Fruits are there at the back of the car and you can see it on the highway especially during night time. If you want to buy some fruits, you can find it anywhere along the street. They will just find their ways somewhere and people will just buy. I will try to take pictures and share to you next time.


Yummy Sunday # 11

Last night I invited my students to dine with us. It’s our way of making friends with them. This is one of the fruits we have. They cut it nicely and arranged it properly. Most of them helped me to cook. Wow, they are nice and friendly.

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