First Time – Ambulance?

It’s my first time to ride in an ambulance….. Last Tuesday, at 2:30 in the morning, our brother from a distance called and told us that our father fell and can’t move anymore. We hurriedly went to our sister’s place where our father was staying for awhile. We all went there around 3 early morning. At 5 in the morning we called several ambulance available for us to be brought to the hospital with our father but we failed since all the ambulance were not available near the area. We waited for sometime until we called the ambulance of the hospital. After less than an hour, the ambulance came with the doctor and other helpers. It was my first time to ride on an ambulance. I almost fell when the driver was hurriedly driving on our way to the hospital.

Our father stayed in the hospital for almost a week. And our mother was already tired of staying in the hospital since they stayed longer time. It’s not easy to be in the hospital – it’s tiring….

When we reached the hospital, our father was brought to the x-ray room and the doctor found out that our father’s bone on the leg was fractured. That’s the reason why he can’t stand after falling. He was crying since it was so painful. He was already 74 yrs old and his bones are weak according to the doctor.

There were many medications and considerations of what we can do to help him recover. The doctor suggested that our father would undergo an operation but when he was given an insulin for his diabetes, our mother was so worried about his situation because he looks so pale and weak. So our mother asked the doctor that our father will not undergo an operation anymore and we agreed.

Our sister provided all the needed expenses and things that our father would to have. Someone said, “ibigay ang hilig” that would mean give what our father needed and desire to have. He wanted to have a mobile phone and a wheelchair and a rattan hospital bed.

Now our father was staying with us with our mother and the helper. “To be sick is hard.” Thank God for good health and added life each day. It’s a blessing! Thank you LORD!!!