Like Never Before

After my operation I had noticed that my health is deteriorating, it seems that I can easily catch cold or some viruses which renders me bedridden for sometimes.Previously, i still can do many things, like household chores and even some backyard gardening. Like these days, I was lying down most of the time because I was so sick that I can’t help but sleep.

But now, I’m spending more and more time indoors, and I am depressed by this kind of situations. Being depressed again added some more psychological burden. So I have to make a choice to combat this kind of feelings.

Tho, I may no longer have the same strength or extra zest in doing things. I’m still able to do things which requires a little bit of energy, like blogging or doing some writing assignments.

Not Feeling Well

Few days ago, I was really sick so I wasn’t able to keep my blog going. I had a severe headache, stomach disorders, diarrhea, and a slight fever. I can’t really sleep. I can’t bear it anymore so I asked my hubby the next day to bring me to the hospital for check up. I don’t know what’s going on inside.

Sad to say, I was upset with some of the doctors. I was sent to different doctors because they can’t understand English well. I was a bit bothered but everything was fine although the doctor is not as good as I thought. It’s really very hard to be sick when you are not in your country especially when they can’t really understand what you mean. They are doctors by profession but my 6-year old can speak better than them. Anyway, that was my experience few days ago.

My hubby prayed for me before I took the medicine. As of today, I’m quite okay, just a little bit dizzy. I think I’m taking high medications.

Sorry for my visitors, as of this time I’m still on my way for recovery. I will be visiting you then sometime later, when I’m ready to write comments on your blog. See yah!