My Sister’s Joy

My sister had been traveling to different places and countries. One thing I’ve noticed was her Timberland shoes which is very nice and looks dainty. Aside from that she had bought different kinds of shoes from different places and her choices were so elegant and pretty. She even had Timberland Stiefel which for me costs something. But she didn’t bother when I asked her of her collection of shoes because according to her since she used it to different occasions and parties necessary.

But there is one thing that I saw and was attracted to it – it looks pretty, elegant, yet simple. I asked her to buy one for me because when I tried her Timberland Schuhe shoes, it was so cool and I felt good when I wore it. She just smile and told me to wait when she comes back this summer. I just hope she won’t forget…

My sister loves to share and give to anybody especially her family circle. Every time she came back home after working abroad, she would bring a couple of things for each one, from young and old, we all enjoyed and joyful when she’s around. She will always spend for all of us. We even had time for shopping, grocery, and traveling from one place to another. She enjoys giving.