A Courageous and Faithful Wife

I’m inspired to write today so I decided to write again about a Mom who always think of her children and family. She desires the best for her children and I guess, all mothers have the same desire like hers. What I’m referring to is Mommy Seiko, a Filipina who had caught the eye and heart of a Japanese businessman.

While I was reading her true-to-life story, I cried and felt the pain she have had. Yes, it’s true, it’s not so easy as what she said to be a wife of the last Samurai. She struggled a lot especially the discrimination, looking down to her, and the like which made her feel down and frustrated. But she was blessed by a loving, understanding and thoughtful hubby.

Amidst her struggles and frustrations in life, she still hopes for the best and she never gave up. She keeps moving and face problems everyday with courage. I could say, she is a courageous Filipina I knew – her story tells. She is a God-fearing woman, and had 4 children which she called her pride and glory. I’m inspired by Mommy Seiko’s motto: I keep my Head High and Never Give up on my Dreams.

Aside from being a loving wife to her husband and a caring mother to her children, she is also a good cook, she prepares a lot of food on the table, which needs to be presentable, tasty and delicious for Japanese to look at and not only one menu but many in one setting. Try to check and read Seiko’s Diary, she will inspire you more.