Then Sings My Soul

I missed this meme for quite sometime, I was sick and I was weak so I decided to stop blogging for awhile. Now, I’m back with this meme, I’m glad to be back of course. I love singing and this was my life before so I just can’t let it pass by.

Anyway, there were songs that I love to sing, there were also singers that I love to hear like Sandi Patti, Charlotte Church, Steve Green and others. They are really great singers! I also loved to sing classical songs, wedding songs, and love songs. These are the songs that inspired me. I had been singing ever since, even before we came here in Thailand. So when someone ask me about singing I can’t help but join and be a part of the group.

I had been training different choirs in the Phil. before coming to Thailand. Our church is one (for our church choir), then a children’s choir under a Chinese Christian Church, another church that has no choir director (they ask me to help them) so I spared some of my time with them. I missed those days.

After 2 years here in Thailand I had the opportunity to train a choir just for once, during a church anniversary. Just there and then, I have the chance to sing in some of the weddings here in this country. If I have a chance I really grab the opportunity to sing.

Sandi Patti is one of my favorite singers. So I will be sharing today my favorite song and this was sung by her.
Visit Signs, Miracles and Wonders, it’s a great site. You will really enjoy.

Yummy Sunday # 7

This is an ice cream from Suan Siam City in Bangkok. We ordered from one of the stores inside the park. It’s so yummy. After eating, my friend said, her cough was healed after eating this ice cream. Wanna bet? Agree or disagree?

Anyway, we had tried it and it’s very delicious and yummy! More yummy photos with Janet.

A Friend is a Treasure

We are blessed with friends anywhere. We were quite busy these few days attending in a retreat and having some fun in a huge park in Bangkok. We also went to different places just this week. And we are thankful that we saw different places with enjoyment.

Today, we decided to stay at the house of our friend here in Bangkok because we’re quite tired of going out and explore. We’re about to take a nap when another friend called on a phone and invited us to meet her in another mall. So we decided to go and meet her.

We travelled by van and reached there after 30 minutes. The Mall is very large. It is known as Bangkape Mall where you could see a lot of promotions around.

Then we met our friend – she brought us to the 4th floor. She showed us the Fantasy Lagoon – there is swimming pool in this area. After few minutes my hubby was encouraged to swim with our son and another friend joined them, but sad to say, after 15 minutes, a heavy rain came unexpectedly. So everyone was forced to come out of the water. We had a talk then we decided to eat dinner.

I’m really thankful for giving us friends anywhere, we were exposed to different places and exciting malls because of them. Thanks to all of you!

What class are you?

I just checked my blog today and I saw my friend’s blog –Genuine Cuisine. She said she took it from our friend Janet. And I found this quite interesting. It’s nice to have friends around. I just answered 10 questions given and I like the result. You will find it interesting too. You can check this out! And have fun!

This is the result of the questions I have answered.

You are Upper Middle Class

You’re stuck in an interesting middle area between upper and middle class.
You’re wealthy enough for most people to call you rich (or at least comfortable), but you don’t feel rich!

Climbing your way to the top is hard work. And you’ve often feel stretched for time and resources.

If only you had a little more money! You can’t help but wish you had the lifestyle of the upper class.

You may end up: A manager, high school teacher, or accountant.

Other people who share your class: “White collar” professionals and business people

What class are you?

Free Blog Makeover is what I had been longing for

For a newbie like me, this sounds great. Today, when I visited a friend’s blog Genebei I saw this Lady Java site. When I saw the deadline, I didn’t give time to think twice because the next day, on the 26th is my birthday. And March is my favorite month too.

Joining contest is fun and you will win prizes at stake. Thanks for Lady Java, our birthday falls on the same month and I love this month of March so I decided to join. Free Makeover for my blog is amazing. Hope I will win, lol! Not too serious – whatever is given I will receive it wholeheartedly.

If you want to join this Blog Makeover Giveaway, just visit this site Lady Java

The rule is made simple by the writer herself.

1. Tell her about her birthdate
2. Answer this: How many years she had been married?
3. Put that information in a blog entry and also tell her why do you want and deserve this blog makeover.
4. Link to her entry in your blog entry and leave her the url of your post.

The last day of this contest falls on 25th of March. The significance of this date is that she just celebrated her birthday last March 9, and will be celebrating her
9th year Wedding Anniversary on the 25th of this month too. That’s why she made this Free Blog Makeover giveaway!

Blessings to you Lady Java. May you enjoy your life’s journey with blessings from on high.

By the way, the winner will be notified on April 1. This contest is only open for bloggers hosted by Blogger dot com.

Lady Java creations are great too. Check it out!

LadyJava Creations

Just a Reminder

This morning I opened my blog and found someone giving some comments on my Mommy Moments post. I checked and I’m glad to share this message from her post. God called us as human beings not human doings. Thank God today that He called us for a purpose. Let this be a reminder to all of us:

Happy moments, PRAISE GOD.

Difficult moments, SEEK GOD.

Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD.

Painful moments, TRUST GOD.

Every moment, THANK GOD.

If you do not pass it on, nothing will happen. But it’s nice to pass it on to a friend or to someone you care…just like what I did.
Blessings to all!

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