Thankful Thursday # 11

Ruth 1:16

Where you go I’ll go

Where you stay I’ll stay

Your people will be my people

Your GOD will be my GOD

This is the verse that I would like to share this Thankful Thursday. Since the last week I was meditating upon this verse while reading the book of Ruth. She was a kind, caring woman. She loved her mother-in-law. She promised to stay with Naomi for as long as she lived.

The book of Ruth is a story of kindness and faithfulness, a tale of integrity, hardship and blessing. The love that they shared proves that we can never really know someone until we’ve wept with them. As what the saying goes and I quote, “Weep until you are maleable – God shapes best clay made soft by tears.”Suffering had made them partners in their sorrow.

She was living in a different culture with different beliefs and tradition but the greatest bond between them (Ruth an Naomi) was their trust with each other. Love as strong as Ruth’s results in TRUST.

Ruth’s love yielded a harvest of grace and placed her name in the ancestry of JESUS!

Today I’m thankful

  • of the love of Ruth shown to Naomi
  • of how God works to different people with different circumstances
  • of God’s love to mankind
  • of His great love inspite of who I am
  • of the hardship and strength to endure
  • that in the midst of sufferings an sorrows – God is still there and He understands
  • of the wisdom that comes from God

    Have a blessed and memorable birthday !!! LYN. Visit Spiritually Unequal Marriage for more TT posts.