Photo Flashback Friday

Friday Photo Flashback

Today I have a different post of Photoflashback Friday. The two ladies were my cousins with their Mom and the child. They send this picture few months ago when we chatted. They were now working in Canada with their families. They seldom visit Phil. because they have also their work to do.

I was glad to know that they knew the Lord in Canada. We had been praying for them ever since when were small children. It’s so hard for us to share to them because of their belief. But I was so happy that they were active serving the Lord in Canada with some other Filipino brethren. Their mother is still keeping some things that keeps of her belief but gradually the Lord is changing her heart.

More Than Words with Alicia has more to share. Try to join. It’s fun to recall our memories through photos.

Friday Photo Flashback

Friday Photo Flashback

I missed this meme for quite sometime. I wasn’t able to join again due to many circumstances that is beyond my control. So I tried to check my blog today. Glad to be back again.

I was trying to look for some photos back 10 years ago but failed to find. So I just placed this one. I had my new look few months ago. It only happened once and only for a day. I love this look, I only paid for $.50 and had it for a day, huhuhuh! But it looks good and wanted to have it again. Maybe sometime later when I have extra time.

If you wanna join just visit More Than Words with Alicia.

Photo Flashback

Friday Photo Flashback

I took a pose while preparing for my graduation in my college years, many years ago, lol! Those were the days. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree (BSEd) during this time and I still have a small pocket photo so I took a shot again through my digital camera in order to post here. It’s the wonder of having one. How do I look? hahaha! That’s the question that I don’t want to answer. My friend who became my hubby liked this photo, so he had many pictures of me inside his pocket, hahaha! He was madly in love during those days.

I’m glad to be a part of this meme, at least I can recall and be reminded my past, going forward in this present years and moving onward to the next years of my life. Each one is precious to the Lord and I’m glad I have Jesus, I’m so precious to Him!

The photo has a lot of scratches already, it speaks of the years, lol! You can visit more Friday Flashback Photos and enjoy visiting the sites.

Friday Photo Flashback

Friday Photo Flashback
I saw this picture in my wallet and I decided to take a picture again using my digital camera. This picture was taken when we were still friends (with my hubby), hehehe! closer than a friend. I was still taking my Bachelor’s Degree during this time. I like this photo that’s why I brought this photo with me wherever I go.
I met my hubby when I was still studying. I joined in a college choir, ( it was known as Glee Club) where I became a scholar. We went to different places and sang some classical songs. Aside from joining the Glee Club, I also joined another singing group but all of the members were christians. We had concerts to different places and churches as well. One time, in one of our concerts in a church, I was singing solo, someone saw me and was attracted to me while I singing, hehe! He became my hubby, so sweet! Just a part of my life.
Anyway, it’s my first time to join this meme, thanks for the host. Try to click the link above and you will be linked to the host and you can also visit other posts here at Photo Flashback every Friday, you will enjoy!