The Inconvenience of Technology

Last month I started making and preparing lessons for our English Summer Workshop at the center. I kept all my files and records inside the computer. I recorded all the things needed for the workshop such as the lessons for levels 1 and 2, crafts to be done by the students, games, and other English activities.

I was shocked last week when I can’t open our computer then we asked our manager if we can send it to the shop for check up. It was found out that it has a lot of viruses and the files can’t be saved anymore. Sometimes, computers and other technology are helpful to many users but at times it gives stress and hard times.

That happens to me today. When I knew that all the files were lost I felt bad. Everything was lost in the computers, all the files were deleted because it can’t be fixed anymore and the files cannot be retrieved. I started doing it again for the second time. It’s a waste of time and effort but anyway, I’ve learned a lesson not to use that computer anymore.

Chinese New Year

Today people all over the world celebrated Chinese New Year. Schools and offices are closed especially in Thailand. Only few cars are passing down the street. Few days ago, we’ve heard a lot of fireworks even in our village. We have many Chinese neighbors.

We went to work and supposedly teach the students but nobody came except for someone who wanted to study one on one. She wanted to learn and practice how to speak well of their foreign language. And she is also Chinese.

Until this evening, we could still hear some fireworks, Chinese kids are enjoying everywhere, I think, wearing red shirts, or anything that has a red accent.
We love and enjoy this day remembering all our Chinese friends back home doing the same thing. They are our best of friends!