Mommy Moments – Let’s Pretend

mommy moments

Mommy Moments is here again. Though I’m late but better late than never as what others say, huh! I guess I still have time to post. I search some of my photos and I found these pictures. This week’s topic is all pretending. Kids love to pretend. My kiddos especially my 6-year old loves to pretend always. He loves to act, or pretend something different. However, my teenager feels awkward a lot of times. As if he feels old and not a kid anymore. Just pretending to be old, I guess, hahaha! But still he’s not ready yet… to face the real world.

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Mommy Moments – Tantrums – Tantrums

mommy moments

Glad to be back here at Mommy Moments. I don’t have enough time to look at the pictures and join this meme few weeks ago. Anyway, I want to join and be counted once again.

My 6-year old could easily get hurt, I mean when he is hurt he will cry so easily but so easy to smile and feel okay especially when you will give him something to eat. That’s my boy. I have discovered recently, he could also memorize so easily and followed what others are doing.

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