A Day to Remember

Yesterday I fetched AJ from school. We were walking because our house is nearby. On the way I told AJ to run crossing the street because the street is clear. When suddenly, while we were in the middle of the road, there’s a motorcycle coming so quickly that I hold AJ back, I shouted and looked at the driver but he was running so fast while looking at my angry face. It’s good that cars were not coming that very hour while we were stocked up in the middle of the road. I felt the angel holding us back without moving.

I had a little stress and in the evening I can’t sleep till midnight. I thought of my baby, early morning I felt something coming out, when I checked there was blood coming out of me. I immediately asked hubby to bring me to the hospital. Then we waited for awhile, the doctor came and when I told her, she checked my womb via ultrasound. It’s really good that I need not to travel again for another place for ultrasound. There inside her clinic I was checked and she told me that there is a tumor inside (known as Myoma), she said it always happens to married women. I was upset a bit, but when she said that it’s not cancerous, I was not scared and felt relaxed.

She continued to tell us that we need to wait for another week to check again because the baby was too small (only 2cm) while the myoma is already 7.8cm. According to her, there were 2 things that would happen: either the baby will become bigger that would make the myoma become smaller or the other way around, that the baby will not grow because of the myoma extending it’s space to my womb and the baby will be miscarriage. The cause of the blood was from the mayooma and not from the baby. Hopefully, with prayers that the baby will grow and the mayooma will be gone, but not our will but God’s will be done!

It’s scary but we have nothing to do about it this time, we just trust the Lord for everything. He knows the best!