Mommy Moments – Love Language

AJ was thankful after his 6th birthday last year.

AJ is sweet as always

AJ got his sweet actions from his Papa,
however, Em2 our teenager
could not be seen here.
He got his aloof attitude from his Mama.
Gradually, i have learned to show my love
through actions to the love of my life
so you can see me here, hugging my hubby.
It took time for me to show my love
but you have nothing to do
if your beloved has a lot of sweet ways.
You will learn
through all the years ….

AJ always hugs, but his kuya
finds it corny and awkward.

mommy moments

I missed joining this meme. It’s also fun joining here since it involves my family.These are some of the photos I’ve got since we came here in Thailand. The focus for this month is all about love, so Love Language is the 1st theme for this month.

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