My Valentine’s Date for 2010

Ladies, women, and girls, I guess, are excited to have a date this coming Valentine’s Day. When I was still young, I remember when hubby was still my very close friend, he would bring me to a cool and romantic place. I love those days, we had a good time together. We ate together, we laughed, and enjoyed seeing the beauty of nature or we would eat fried peanuts and sit under the tree inside Bacolod Lagoon. Girls Rule is quiet exciting, I recall the love of my life, and my sweet experiences. Thanks for this meme.

I remember, he was just courting me that time, he was the Core Commander of the college, so he had many students under him following all his commands. I was still studying during that time and was doing my practice – teaching (practicum). One morning, that was Valentine’s Day, a student was looking for me bringing a bouquet of flowers. He had been asking so many students around if they knew me. I was known to most high school students because I was their teacher, it’s easy for that guy to look for me. So, when that student saw me, he gave the bouquet of flowers, then I asked, “Where is this coming from? He did not say anything. But when I received it after saying “thank you” I saw that there was a small note, haha! That came from my admirer, who became my bf after few years of courting. That was fun and feeling I was in the clouds, yohowww!

After getting married with the same man who spent all his time, with all those love letters and small notes with flowers every now and then, I was deeply in love. I still hope to have flowers on my table with small notes few years later. Valentine’s Day is something I treasure most during those years.

However, time changed, at this time I don’t receive any flowers and even chocolates. But every now and then, hubby is buying some food that I love most. Valentine’s Day became so usual that sometimes we forgot it especially when nobody will remind us. But the love of caress and taking care of each one is something we always do.

Sorry for a long story, I just remember my experience during Valentine’s Day. This coming special day, we will be joining with some friends who will be coming to be with us and to say goodbye as I prepare to go back to the Phil. early next month for my myoma medication. At least, I’m here with hubby this special day of hearts before leaving him for a while.

Join us today and share the love of your life and your experiences on Valebtie’s Day with Girls Rule.