Mommy Moments – First Steps

mommy moments

Yes, I agree with Chris, time flies so fast. Days are moving fast, I’m always reminded of God’s word that says: “A thousand days is just one day for the Lord”…..

Anyways, I’m glad to be part of today’s meme, glad that I’ve brought with us some of their pictures when they were still small. I took a picture of some photos again in my digital camera, that’s why it doesn’t look good, just for my post today.

This is my eldest son, he was one year old in this picture.
Someone gave us this pink stroller and we wanted to use it – lol!
Color really didn’t matter to us during that time.
Now, he’s a teenager, times really flies….huh!
That means I’m growing older and wiser, hahaha!

This little baby is AJ-my 6-year old with his Papa and cousin,
when they were still small, we usually brought them to the beach nearby.
AJ was only 8 months in this photo.
First time for us to visit this place in Malaysia, it’s the “Twin Tower”
at Kuala Lumpur, AJ was only 2 years old and my eldest was 10.

My eldest son when he was 10 yrs old, we were blessed by friends
and they brought us to Manila Zoo, first time for our kids to visit
this Zoo, and first time for us too (haha!), so all of us enjoyed the trip.
It’s first time for our eldest to ride this huge ostrich.

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Enjoy and have fun!