Feeling Upset

I brought my teenager this morning to a review in preparation for his coming examination in ALS (Alternative Learning System) this coming August. As what I have shared last time, I was upset to know that my son’s home school that he was doing for 6 years was not recognized by DepEd (Department of Education) in the Phil. So he needs to take and pass this exam in ALS to qualify him for a higher level of education.

We have nothing to do but to trust the Lord for everything. Anyway, to make the long story short, when I came back to the Phil., the next step that I did after my check up was to go to DepEd and ask for suggestions, any recommendations or what to do for my teenager’s case. They told me that my teenager needs to take an exam in ALS. But he needs to pass the qualifying exam first before taking the final exam in August.

Here comes the review… I brought Em2 to school at 7:30 am for a review, they just started today. A successive review for all the subjects were prepared by the teachers concerned for all the examinees. There were more than 1000 students for ALS. At 8am all of them were called to go inside the rooms. I was feeling upset seeing all the out of school youth because more than 50% of the boys smoke, others wear more than 3 earrings, and others look different. I ask God for protection for my teenager since he was just came back to the Phil. and he doesn’t know what to do or not sure where to go although he was born in the Phil. but he grew and stayed in Thailand for quite sometime. He didn’t want me to go with him inside as well since he doesn’t want to be seen by his classmates that I was still there for him. So I was just 2 meters away.

On my way home I prayed that someday my teenager would learn to love these kind of young people who were like sheep without a shepherd. At this time, he was upset like me but hoping and praying that it would lead him to love the unlovables.