Unbelievable but it’s true

I was reading some of the sites that talked about songs and hymns and I was glad that I’ve found a great singer Sissel with Oslo Gospel Choir. I loved her voice, it’s so amazing. God is to be praised, the giver of all gifts.

I continued to check and was linked to another singers, but Sissel, a Norwegian sings well. While I was surfing, I happened to see this link from you tube. I can’t believe it at first, but she exposed herself and her religion. I don’t know what to say about – I’m not sure what you can say about it but she said it. You can watch this video. The last part of the video was a question for all who believe in God, the One true God, what shall we do about it?

I’ve felt sad about this news but it happens few years ago, it was exposed and still leading others more and more to a new religion – not believing in God…