Driving with Umbrella

Can you imagine this? I too, is scared everytime I saw people having umbrella while driving a motorcycle. When we first came here in Thailand, we were culturally shocked by the way people do things especially in driving motorcycle. More than 50% of the people are driving motorcycles, and not only that, I was shocked when most of the lady students drive a motorcycle with above the knee skirt, so sexy but able to drive.
Another thing that I’ve discovered was that they can drive a motorcycle under the rain with an umbrella. Owww! I was really scared everytime I saw them. For me, it’s dangerous but for them it’s normal. So when it’s time for rainy season, I usually bring our camera and took pictures of those who are driving with umbrella.
Well, I think, it’s in them, they love to do it, and it seems like normal for them to do so. Others, though enjoyed driving in the rain…