Twins with different features

Last month we were able to hold an English Camp in one of the provinces here in South Thailand. We went there as a family and enjoyed the coolness of the place. It’s near the mountains but trains were passing near the place where we stayed.
We had a 5-day camp and the children really enjoyed. After the program on the last day, everybody were taking pictures and the parents really enjoyed the performance of their children. When everybody was preparing to go, a grandma came and talk to us and then my friend told me that grandma’s grandsons were twins who were my students.
I was really shocked knowing about that because for the whole 5-day classes, I could not find any semblance between the two, they really look so different. Then I told them that my father has a twin too but there is something that unites them as twins especially their faces.
I immediately took pictures of these two boys before they left. It’s good that I knew before they went home. Even during classes, I find them fighting, I didn’t even thought that they were brothers.
Now look at them, can you say that they are twins?

The Great Men of my Life

I am the rose among the thorns. The princess and the queen in my family. My boys with their loving and amusing Papa. I have 2 active boys with different characters and personalities. Different skin tones, and different body shape. One is strict and the other is sweet.
One is bony and the other is fatty. One loves to eat and the other shuns to eat often. But they are both precious to me with their loving and sweet Papa!