Credit Cards

When I was working as a teacher in the Phil. I had the privilege to have a credit card. It was under a known bank and I find it helpful. We enjoyed at first as a family, we used it anywhere we want to buy something. Having credit cards is helpful especially when we used it for it’s purpose.

When I planned to resign from work and decided to go out of the country I gave it up. However, we find it helpful again when we started to book online. I never thought that we will be needing it when we’re out of the country. So at this time we are hoping to have credit cards for that purpose. It would really helpful if we have even just one credit card to book online since we travel back and forth. But having more than one credit cards that would still be helpful especially when we travel to different countries. It would be easy for us to buy something using our credit cards. My friends have it too and they told us that it’s helpful and easy to purchase anything you want while traveling to different countries. Now, we wish to have it and hopefully soon.

On Credit Cards and Loans

When I was working in the Phil. few years back we were given a privilege to have a credit card. Most of my co- workers enjoyed spending using their credit cards. I did at first but I was so afraid of having bad records and hubby didn’t want me to use it again and again. So we decided to use it only when it is necessary. But I remember my co-workers spending a lot above their means which led them to a bad credit. They had many credit cards but bad records, a lot of banks refused to give them credit cards anymore.

I thought that having credit cards before was a good way of spending because I saw it from my co-workers. They enjoyed a lot for the first few months, but I discovered later that they were already suffering from debts. They were even called by some banks for personal investigation. I was so scared during that time that I decided to stop my credit card after using it for a year.

It’s good to know that there are personal loans for people with bad credit. My co-workers need this. It is credit loans and debt consolidation. It can help them free from loans and bad credit. They will be freed from high interests and worries too. They can even check online, it’s simple, fast, and secure. I will try to share this to my co-workers and let them know about the benefits if they will join. There are a lot of them and I guess, they will agree with me and wanted to have this.