Mommy Moments # – Doctor Am I Sick?

mommy moments
I’m excited to be here again. Mommy Moments post is something that I long every Friday. Though my kids are quite big now but I missed the time when they were cutie babies.
When we were in the Phil. last year – we went to the clinic for vaccines. Our family doctor told us to have it in preparation for our trip back to Thailand. Everytime AJ saw the syringe he will immediately cry and make a lot of noise. He had a phobia on syringe because he had experienced heplock when he was a day old.
When I gave birth to AJ, I was chilling with high fever – I was in the delivery room for 36 hours and I was induced twice. That’s why AJ came out feverish and yellowish. So when he was only few days old, everytime he saw a lady coming wearing white attire (who is the nurse) to inject him, he would immediately cry. But he was able to survive
Anyway, it’s a part of his memory and our history as a family. God has been good and faithful and AJ grew stronger and bigger each day. He loves to eat! hehehe!
I don’t have any picture to share when he was in the clinic or hospital but I will just share this one.