Family Outing

We had our family outing last Saturday and Sunday and we went to a place away from home. It’s a place near the sea where some of the members in the church had a family. Their grandparents were living there so we’re able to visit the place and blessed the old couple. They were already in the mid 80s and could still work and stay together without any helper. Wow, they were believers of Jesus and still open to God’s guidance. They were blessed by the Lord indeed.

My Hubby’s Enjoyable Recreation

Camping is one of the memorable events for my hubby. He really loves it. He loves to be with a group or with a friend or a family. He could even go alone if nobody is not available. Hubby is a person who loves nature and enjoyed seeing the beauty of it. One time they went for camping with the group and they need a car to carry all of them, so they looked for camping to carry them all. They went up the hill and they enjoyed their camping. It looks so cute and cool and cozy inside according to hubby. They had lots of fun and fellowship with some friends and family members. It was a great help for hubby and the group to have this camping need, it’s convenient and cool.

Hubby loves any part of it. He can lead, can work well in a group, can manage well and can be trusted. He can even make the group enjoy with some games and things to do while doing the camping. Most of the campers would tell us that they enjoyed and had fun. Camping is such a memorable thing to do for my hubby and his brothers too. They tried to do it as many as they can because they feel that it can give them time to refresh and to be revived again. They even wanted to be free from work or stress of life. How about you? Do you like camping too? I have learned to love it too since my hubby enjoyed doing it. Since hubby is coming back soon, we desire to have our family camping this coming December. It would be fun especially for the kids.