The Friend I Met

I met this friend of mine when I was still in Thailand. She’s a Chinese and loves to work for the Lord. I missed my work there but as of this time my kids need more of my attention especially in the school. Their education is more important for me this time. Thank God for the strength although hubby is not with us but God is there to guide, and give us wisdom in every decision and strength to carry on the task each day.

Happy 7th Birthday AJ

Seven years ago, I was carrying my baby, our second child, we call him AJ (Asher Josh). He’s quite big now, he grows tall and ate a lot as well. He has a lot of humor that a lot of times we laughed at him. When he prays, he clearly talked to Jesus just like talking to his friend. Today was just like yesterday, he has grown a lot and he turns 7 this very day. The Lord has blessed us with AJ and his kuya Em2 (Emerald John) too. We really thank the Lord for them. I used to call AJ baby, but now he doesn’t want to be called as such, he always remind me that he is now a kid.

AJ joins in a running contest last year and

he won a prize and was given a medal

He also likes to draw and write something
He also loves to play

He looks so different here, lol!

He enjoyed his party. But we waited for quite sometime before his visitors came. We invited some of his close friends but only few came. He was asking me; Why I don’t have visitors Mama? Because others came late already. So he went with his father to our neighbors who became his friends few years ago, and many came. And we was so happy seeing his friends.

Here are some of the food prepared:

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the ice cream and french fries. When I remembered it – it’s finished.