Mellow Yellow Monday

I missed this kind of fruit since we came here in Thailand. My father planted a lot of avocados in the Phil. And if it’s time for avocados to bloom and bear fruit, my father would think of us. Then when its time to gather the fruits, we will be the first one to have it. Tatay (my father) planted the best. It’s very delicious and yummy to the max. It looks like sticky and we will just peel the skin and ate with sugar or if you are conscious of your health or you don’t want to have diabetes someday then you can eat it without sugar. It’s really delicious.

That’s why when we came here, I had been looking for it. But sad to say, it can only be seen when it’s December because it’s from other countries and the sad thing is, it’s not yummy like what Tatay planted, huhuhu! It has a different taste and at times, you don’t want to eat it because of the taste and besides, it’s very expensive.

Anyway, this is my Mellow Yellow Monday post this week. Try to visit and join.