English Camp in Nakhon

We started our English Camp last Monday and we had students in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.
In the morning, the students were in primary and elementary levels while in the afternoon were all high school students. And in the evening, higher level. At first, it’s quite hard for us to teach because the students are not used to speak and understand the language but we had fun teaching them. They are really eager to learn and speak.

We taught them some crafts, action songs, acting, and some games. It’s only a 5-day camp and we have a little time to prepare for our graduation. But we were able to practice them and tomorrow will be our last and final day. We invited the parents and we want them to know the love of Jesus in a special way.

I will share it with you the day after tomorrow of what will happen on our graduation day.
This is one of their crafts. They made a butterfly out of a paper with different designs and colors.