Happy Birthday Nanay

Today is my Nanay’s birthday (my mother). I missed her together with my Tatay(father) in the Phil. My Nanay is a retired teacher and my Tatay is a retired worker too. When we were still small we were trained by Nanay in doing household chores. Nanay is stricter than Tatay but I’m blessed because we are what we are right now because of her training. We cannot just go withour any permission and boys were not allowed to visit us in the house. I remember when my younger sister rode in a bike with another friend who is a guy and when my Nanay saw it, she called my sister and asked her to come down from the bike and talked to her. My sister was embarrassed in front of some friends but that’s my Nanay, she didn’t want us to experience bad things with the guys. We were really protected.

Nanay is a person who really worked hard to earn a living because Tatay had an accident when he was still working in the mine near our place so he can’t carry heavy loads or things. That happened when we were still in graders. So Nanay worked very hard for us to survive while Tatay was there all along giving his support. She could make her own small business and striving for it to the max. That’s my Nanay! Nay, happy happy birthday and Thank You for all your sacrifices and even hurtaches at times when we’re disobeying you especially when we were still small. I believe my sisters and brother would agree that we are sorry. Now, we are parents and we understand how you felt before when we disobeyed you and Tatay. To my Nanay