Children’s Day Celebration (part 2)

Yesterday I’ve promised to post the affair for children. It was very interesting for my kiddos to join. They went to a nearby university and enjoyed the fun with children. Although they didn’t join in some of the games so they haven’t brought any gift except for the painting that they did.

These are the words in Thai. Wan Dek (Children’s Day), Jan.9,2010

The children with their parents

AJ and Tricia (AJ’s close friend) joined the painting

They showed the painting they’ve done
Then they went to this place and practiced driving, lol!
They rerally had fun and they enjoyed their day.

Teachers Day

Teachers’ Day in Thai language My two great kids with me……
Early morning we attended a teachers’ day celebration here in Hatyai, Thailand. We need to be present because we are required to do so, and we had seen how they give honor to all Thai teachers, giving them gifts and more. However, I felt bored because we (me and my hubby) don’t understand their language. Yet their action speaks. Teachers are really given importance by the authorities especially in the government.

Right after the ceremony we went home and prepared for a sports’ fest. Can you imagine teachers having different squads and dancing while shouting their yells? They look like students with their attire, playing drums and other paraphernalia for their songs and yells. I really love taking photos while they perform. It doesn’t matter whether we understand the language or not but the thing is, they are cute and they perform with gusto.

Can you imagine the teachers performing with gusto? They are cute. Games for teachers to enjoy

Even our kids enjoy while watching teachers playing a lot of games. I was supposed to join in the eating contest which is so different from ours in the Phil. but I wasn’t able to join because my students are coming to the center and they wanted to finish the course. So I don’t have any choice.

Anyway, I’d been there seeing all the teachers in their different-fabulous attire, and playing just like teenagers…lol, it’s fun and we enjoy.

It’s a great day!