Language Barriers

Last Monday as what I have mentioned in my other post, we went to a Technology School to promote our center. There are a lot of private schools involved. Each school presented a program. We had our presentation on the first day. Almost everybody came on that day.

On the second day, I met one of the teachers in the school where I worked a year ago. She looked at our promotions and smiled. I told her I’m already working in this center. She is a Thai and she had the difficulty in speaking English. She was asking a lot of questions and I’ll just say yes or smiled at her because I couldn’t understand the way she speaks.

Before they left with her friend, she told me, “Oh Sarah you are rich now”, I just laughed and told her “NO”. Then they left, I started to smile and I reiterate what she said to my hubby that we are rich, and I told him, if she only knew. Then my teenager smiled and said, because Mama you agreed to her when she asked you that you are the owner of the center. I said, “Really???” with a shocking voice. I didn’t understand what she said, I told my teenager. I was planning to explain again but I didn’t bother anymore. They might misunderstood me again.

Language barrier had been our struggle here in Thailand, a lot of times we were misunderstood especially when we talk to the locals. But still we enjoy the place, the food, and the people.

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