A Friend is a Treasure

We are blessed with friends anywhere. We were quite busy these few days attending in a retreat and having some fun in a huge park in Bangkok. We also went to different places just this week. And we are thankful that we saw different places with enjoyment.

Today, we decided to stay at the house of our friend here in Bangkok because we’re quite tired of going out and explore. We’re about to take a nap when another friend called on a phone and invited us to meet her in another mall. So we decided to go and meet her.

We travelled by van and reached there after 30 minutes. The Mall is very large. It is known as Bangkape Mall where you could see a lot of promotions around.

Then we met our friend – she brought us to the 4th floor. She showed us the Fantasy Lagoon – there is swimming pool in this area. After few minutes my hubby was encouraged to swim with our son and another friend joined them, but sad to say, after 15 minutes, a heavy rain came unexpectedly. So everyone was forced to come out of the water. We had a talk then we decided to eat dinner.

I’m really thankful for giving us friends anywhere, we were exposed to different places and exciting malls because of them. Thanks to all of you!