Free Blog Makeover is what I had been longing for

For a newbie like me, this sounds great. Today, when I visited a friend’s blog Genebei I saw this Lady Java site. When I saw the deadline, I didn’t give time to think twice because the next day, on the 26th is my birthday. And March is my favorite month too.

Joining contest is fun and you will win prizes at stake. Thanks for Lady Java, our birthday falls on the same month and I love this month of March so I decided to join. Free Makeover for my blog is amazing. Hope I will win, lol! Not too serious – whatever is given I will receive it wholeheartedly.

If you want to join this Blog Makeover Giveaway, just visit this site Lady Java

The rule is made simple by the writer herself.

1. Tell her about her birthdate
2. Answer this: How many years she had been married?
3. Put that information in a blog entry and also tell her why do you want and deserve this blog makeover.
4. Link to her entry in your blog entry and leave her the url of your post.

The last day of this contest falls on 25th of March. The significance of this date is that she just celebrated her birthday last March 9, and will be celebrating her
9th year Wedding Anniversary on the 25th of this month too. That’s why she made this Free Blog Makeover giveaway!

Blessings to you Lady Java. May you enjoy your life’s journey with blessings from on high.

By the way, the winner will be notified on April 1. This contest is only open for bloggers hosted by Blogger dot com.

Lady Java creations are great too. Check it out!

LadyJava Creations