How to Make a Badge Button for Blog?

For a couple of months I was wondering on how to make a badge where friends could easily connect with me. I checked many sites before but I don’t know how? Then few weeks ago I saw a new badge from friend. I was longing to have one too but because of my limited time, it takes time for me to make a new one.

Once in a while I have to check from my friend’s blog at His-Her Story who also a newbie like me. I tried a lot of times before but I failed. So I stop trying and wait for the right time for me to make one and besides my schedule won’t allow me.

Weeks past, then I tried clicking again and found out this badge. I was so excited to have my own badge with the help of my friend’s site then I’ve found this Zakkalife which is helpful and easy without knowing anything about HTML. I’ve found this site through my friend Genebei. Friends are really a treasure. And it’s nice to have one! Thank you for the help.

Then I also found this site at Comment Box Colors. Where you can select the button of your choice and do a little of editing. You really find it enjoyable and resourceful.

I’m so excited to post my badge.

This is the original badge, I chose this because my favorite color is green. It looks like this.


Comment Box

This is the result of my trying moments few months ago, lol!

His Unfailing Love

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