Birthday Celebration -the Continuation

My co-teachers decided to have our birthday celebration on the 28th for both of us, Mam Miladine and I. We had fun and fellowship together before we went home last Wednesday. In the evening we visited another birthday celebrator who is our closest friend and we joined until evening.

The next day, we were invited to join in a pre-camp in Hinigaran, Neg. Occ. Before going home, our friend decided to go somewhere, she asked us to choose which one??? In a known beach or in a falls? And since we’re not familiar and have not gone to that falls, we chose the Mag-Aso Falls in Kabankalan City. It’s more than 30 minutes drive from Hinigaran and we left behind our car and join the other group in another car. It’s far away from the maddening crowd since it’s at the peak of the mountains but it’s a very cold place when you are near the falls and very clean. If we only knew, we had brought with us our swimming wears. Anyway, we took a lot of pictures and we had laughter shared together.

After an hour we decided to go and be back home. But before taking our car, another decision was made. That we will travel to the farm of our friend to just see the place and get a little of fruit that are available at the moment. After 30 minutes we were able to see the farm and got tar apples and ate some. We also took few small lemons (kalamansi) just to enjoy and have some fun. Before going back home we went to a nearby restaurant and ate dinner.

After an hour of staying, it’s our time to go back home. We traveled again for less than an hour and when we reached Kabankalan City, we saw the other car going to a different direction, we were puzzled but we need to follow since it was already past 8 in the evening. Instead of just using the toilet, we ate again 1 slice of cake for each one and we enjoyed going back home.

It was indeed a full day and an extension of my birthday with another celebrator (Dr.K)! It’s true that when you plan everything sometimes it won’t happen but when you don’t have any plan, if everyone agrees, we can do something and enjoy with friends together while thanking the Lord for all the blessings flow and enjoy the beauty of nature as well.

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