Baseball Lovers

My beloved hubby loves baseball, he learned it from his school. When my hubby was still small, he would go out with his friends and they would play together. He really enjoyed playing baseball. A lot of times they would watched baseball match anywhere in the Phil. since it’s one of the favorite games of Filipinos. Everyone is always excited to watch anywhere with some friends and enjoy drinking tea while watching the game. My hubby and his friends would go back home late in the evening when there’s a game match.

As he grows older and we got married, hubby trained our sons for this kind of game. Aside from watching, my hubby with our two boys will also find a way to play like baseball betting and they enjoy doing it. Our sons were even more excited to play with their father. There was a time when our friends invited my hubby and sons for a baseball game in one of the known baseball field in our place. And they had played to the max. That was the best game they had together with friends.

When we had free time we would visit a place for our sons to play and they would always choose baseball game and many times I saw them playing baseball betting and my 7-year old enjoyed a lot with his older brother playing together. Now, hubby and sons were playing together baseball game with some friends. Indeed, they enjoyed and had a lot of fun!

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