Baccalaureate and Investiture

Early morning, we went to the university and waited for our make-up artist around 5am. Here am I looking differently with my attire.

After putting all the make -up we waited in the assembly area and hubby took a picture of my beauty before the Baccalaureate started at 6:30 am and while waiting for my classmates and schoolmates.

Taking another pose with our dean, classmates and another professor. The male student is already a leader of the policemen in our area but pursued his career and finished his degree (Doctor in Public Administration).

Our classmates taking a pose while waiting for the program to start.

Hubby, my Nanay, and our eldest sister who attended our Investiture and Recognition.

It was a different type of graduation since we wore a Filipiniana gown. Hubby needs to wear barong because he will be on stage putting my sablay after our Baccalaureate in the morning during the Investiture and Recognition. It was indeed a memorable and unforgettable experience for us graduates especially in the graduate studies, we all felt like newly graduates (feeling young), like high school students, lol! It was fun for us too. It’s another ladder of success for us and we look forward to another step of life it may bring with the help and guidance of the Lord. To Him all glory belongs!

8 thoughts on “Baccalaureate and Investiture”

  1. u look great in your attire. congratulations!!! what for master degree have u graduated?

    btw,i have a added ur blog. pls. check it out,thnks for adding mine.have a nice day!

  2. wowwww! master of arts.salute! doctorate dayon, jealous!!hehehhe!!!
    education is a continuous process so go for the doctoral degree, gurl!

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