Alcohol is Out of Stock

Last night we went to a friend’s house because we asked him for some apple cider vinegar to help ease my aching tonsilitis. It’s good that they still have that kind of vinegar. It’s quite expensive here in Thailand and I just need an ounce so we just ask from them. Then our friend told us that during their classes yesterday, a teacher found out that a student was not feeling well and the teacher discovered after asking the student that he visited another friend who was sick. Immediately the teacher send the student home and all of the teachers were already conscious that H1N1 is already in the city but the gov’t is silent about some cases. Maybe because they don’t want the people to panic or …. not sure and why? Then all the classes were stopped for a while and everybody cleaned their own rooms to avoid contamination. Another school was also having the same problem as what our friend told us… many students are not feeling well. And another friend told me today that there is a school that was closed for 3 days due to H1N1 cases.

We went to a dept. store just this evening, and we brought with us something to cover our mouth. Only few people came and bought something, hubby noticed that only few are wearing masks and he said, I might conscious to wear it because we saw only few people are using. But I told him, he needs to wear it, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. So it’s better to be careful but in the end, we didn’t wear it, lol! Because both of us were conscious of what others would see us.

Then we decided to buy an alcohol, guess what? We could not find inside the store. We’re saying, what’s happening, why we could not find any, not even a small one? Then we went to another drugstore inside the dept. store, then the sales lady told us that “mai mei liew”, that means no more stocks, oh boy, then we went to another drugstore and we’re glad that they have a little bottle left, so we bought 2 small bottles just for our kids.

I remember many years ago, when SARS was killing many around the globe, it was the same with H1N1. It was also pandemic and many lost their loved ones. But one thing for sure, amidst these circumstances and world turmoils we are safe in God’s hands. Our lives are in His hands and no one could take it away from Him, our Almighty Father. He is our shield and defender. He is our Rock in whom we trust, no matter what happens… Thank you Father for being there for taking care of us!

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