After our Practice

It’s fun to see friends of long ago who had been a part of our journey as choir members. We had been together for almost 4 years during our college years since we sang  together, slept together and ate together and hang out at times. We had memorable moments during those years especially when we joined the NAMCYA competition at CCP (Cultural Center of the Phil.) Manila. The experience we have had made us closer to each other and helped us to be thankful to the Lord who gave us that gift in singing.

We met and joint forces together again lately for a greater purpose. It’s sad that we’re few because other members we’re busy and some had their own life away from Bacolod and failed to make it. But one thing for sure we did something for a purpose. We wanted to bless Manay Lily, our dear trainer who had been suffering from illness and needed some medication. At least, we shared something to help augment her need for the moment. We sang for a cause….

And because of this  we met again and practiced the songs we sang 2 decades ago. We had a hard time at first since we need to recall the way we did before, and we’re not that active as far as our body is concerned. Our voices are still there but our body won’t cooperate at times, that means we are not growing younger, huh! But then our joy of singing is obvious; after few hours of practice we made a pose to let others  know that  we’re here again bonding together and to entice other members to come and join us next time.

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