A Victorious Birthday-AJ

It’s just like yesterday… when I struggled while you were inside my womb. How the Lord God Almighty knit us together! Remembering all the sufferings, struggles, and victorious we have had together and as I struggled for 36 hours while my OB-Gyne gave me 10min for you to see the world or else an operation is awaiting ahead. Indeed, God is a miraculous and gracious God. He answered the prayers of His children, you came out 2min before the given time. Pastor Manny and Mommy Lynn were there praying earnestly together with the family, church family, and close friends for our safety!

All those sacrifices were gone when you came! I usually talked to you Nak Asher Josh Galang while inside my womb not to give Mama a hard time and be good, obedient and serve the Lord with all your heart come what may! And the Lord proves and will always prove to us that He never fails and will always be faithful and true to all His promises!

Life was tough but God is the Master Planner and He will always be there for you. Your life is a Testimony of God’s Great Love! He will never abandon His children. He took care of you inside my womb and I truly believe He has a wonderful plan for your life together with Kuya Emerald John Galang.

You learned a lot thru thick and thin. At the age of 2 Pastor Manny noticed someone playing the drums but he could not find anybody because you’re too cute but we were amazed that you could make a simple rhythm. Now, you’re a part of UP Sonata as a drummer. Many young people would invite you to a nearby food corner and you would go without any hesitation because you love food. People loved you because of your Charisma. By just smiling at them they were attracted to you even the Malaysian and Thai officers would not hesitate to let us pass the border because you smiled and greeted them. Our neighbors in Thailand would always give you food because they liked you and Kuya. Thank you for being a loving and responsible person. It’s not a perfect one but good memories lingered. God will carry you through!

I’m glad that I chose to teach you when you started to read and write. When someone would ask for my mobile number you were there to answer because you memorized it. You just listen when I gave my number but you could easily memorize … anything. The enemy wanted to destroy your life when you were in high school but God rescued you with the help of the family, the teachers, and friends. God is indeed gracious and faithful.

Now, you are turning into a man. Use your wisdom given by the Lord to help others and be a blessing to them. Before you were anxious to lead but now you are moving forward.

You are leading and becoming a strong person inside out with a heart! Use your talents and skills to be a blessing! I love you Nak with Kuya to the moon and back!

Mama will always be praying for you and Kuya. Always learn to be humble, to be closer to the Lord every day, and to use your talents and skills for His glory! Struggles will just be there to strengthen you and Kuya. Just be strong and true to your calling. It’s not that easy but with God all things are possible!

Happy Happy and BLESSED 20th Birthday! Nak AJ

2 years old with Kuya Em

a year old sleeping

a day old in the hospital

the cutest smile

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