A Privilege

I had a privilege to teach ACM students last week. The course was “Teaching Methods and Strategies in a Cross Cultural Setting”. I enjoyed being with them. Since I had an experience teaching in another country I grab an opportunity to teach them. It was a refreshing experience for me because of the many things that happened to my life for the past years. Anyway, I was able to teach again and I was able to cook something special for them. The same thing that i did when I was in Thailand.

During the last day, I shared this video entitled ” Making a Difference.” And as a teacher, you can something for your students that could make this world a better place and their lives to be blessed and be a blessing!

Try to watch this movie and you will be teary-eyed after viewing it. You will make a difference, whatever you do and wherever you are…


2 thoughts on “A Privilege”

  1. A touching "movie". I too was a trained teacher. I remember during student teaching days there would be children like Teddy. You have to work at being good and loving and a blessing to all the students. Bless you for our chosen profession requires lots of dedication and hard work.

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