A Different Celebration of Mother’s Day

Here in Thailand, we have a different celebration of Mother’s Day! It falls on the 12 of Aug. which is the birthday of the Queen. All schools, colleges and universities celebrate this momentous event. All students must give honor to the parents and the queen as well. They really give “wai” as a respect for their mothers and teachers who are also mothers.

Anyway, we are still joining all the mothers today. It’s your day!!! Happy “Mother’s Day” to all the mothers all throughout the world.

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Blessings to all!


2 thoughts on “A Different Celebration of Mother’s Day”

  1. In England where I grew up Mother’s Day was also celebrated on a different day. I thank you for joining in with us on this our Mother’s Day now that I live in America, and on August 12th Happy mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers in your country.

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