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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The "Talabahan" Seafood

Family bonding is something to cherish. My family enjoys traveling anywhere around the globe. Eating is fun for us, like seafood, fish and "talaba" which is the food for everyone. I love going out with my family and ate different kinds of food.

My youngest sister went with us and she had enjoyed visiting other places. She is now in Macedonia and enjoy being with her hubby. The sea shows greater wonders that God had created. The seafood and other seashells from the seashore show God's works and the wonders He has made.


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Promise!

I'm back to my blogging world! My desire to write and share my thoughts and ideas is on the go. I am excited to write anything under the sun! Anything that makes me Me! Somehow, writing makes me a person of dreams, and my desire to write is back again! God's Unfailing Love to mankind is something that I would like to share to the world. We cannot help but believe that He exists and that He is waiting for us to call on His name and believe with all our hearts that Jesus is alive and that the grave has no hold of Him! He had suffered for us, He died, buried and He rose again. And that if we believe, we will be saved! That's a promise! Thank you Father for sending Jesus! Thank you for your great love! For sending Jesus to die on the cross for us that we may have eternal life in Him!


Monday, April 8, 2019

My Birthday Concert

      It's quite sometime that I was not able to connect here. Yet my desire to write is still here inside. So I decided to write again. I just celebrated my birthday 2 weeks ago and one of my desires is to share God's love through songs. And since I'm a member of the Afterglow Singers before and tried to join again, I invited the group to sing in our church and invited some friends to be part of that special day.

      Somehow, I'm blessed seeing my friends and knowing that they were blessed and satisfied by the songs they hear and the message they hear through God's servant. Thank God for all the blessings flow. I'm also blessed to see my students listening to God's message through songs.


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