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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our Sister in a Cruise Ship

Our youngest sister is back to work just a week ago. She stayed with us for more than two months and we had fun and fellowship together as a family since it's our first time to be together again after long years. She had been working in a cruise ship for more than a decade already and she had blessed us in so many ways. She was called a "golden girl" in the cruise ship she's working because of her charisma and easy to befriend with. She could easily find and make friends anywhere in the world. People could easily attracted to her because of her loving and caring attitude. She could easily adjust to surroundings. She started to work in Caribbean Cruise ship and presently working in a biggest and newest cruise ship. She was blessed with so many friends anywhere in the world. We thanked God for her life and ministry and she was a blessing to many especially to those in need.


Monday, February 15, 2016

The Beauty of Life - Multiple Intelligences (Assessment of Learning)

The picture speaks about an individual with multiple intelligences. This was introduced by Howard Gardner, Ph.D., a Professor of Education at Harvard University and had an early work in psychology and later in human cognition and potential. Just looking at the picture you will learn and see the beauty of life. I guess, you will agree with this model. Any individual can do a lot of things but not all can do all of these things. However, I definitely agree that one is always different from each other since every one is unique. We do learn in many ways, we learn from each other and we even learn from our mistakes; and the experiences we have had in the past contributed a lot to help us become a better person and useful for the society where we live in. If we only use our talents and skills wisely, our potentials and multiple intelligences we have had; then I believe, the world is a better place to live in.

 Try to agree or disagree to the statement, then write your comments in three sentences below.


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