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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 5

When I first saw this couple in youtube dancing and showing their talent I was amazed of their dancing style and technique. It's something that we need to be proud of as Filipinos. We can compete to the world and give our best shot. Try to stay for a while, sit back and relax and watch the show. You will enjoy looking at them.


Trying to Learn CSS

Computers nowadays are rampant and can give you a lot of enjoyment and recreation as well. Somehow, having this kind of gadget would make a person feel better of his life if he is using it for a purpose and controlling it if necessary. Nevertheless, allowing computers to control us would be an option for everyone. Computers can be used for a better purpose but it can also destroy your whole life if we are not careful. The video below shows another way to use properly any computer at home. I was enjoying when I first learned it the other day and all the participants in the said seminar workshop had a chance to use their personal computer and explore. This video has been helpful to us who attended.


Learning C#


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