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Sunday, October 30, 2016

All Saint's Day... A Celebration or an Occasion?

All Saints’ Day is a festival here in the Philippines, a celebration for all the saints especially the family members that passed away. This kind of celebration may vary from one place to another, however, the thought is still the same, to remember our family members and friends. Other countries have this kind of celebration usually on the 1st day of November and it continued to the next day for all Filipinos which is known as the All Soul’s Day.
People prepared and brought flowers and light the candles they brought to the cemetery which is the common practice during this occasion. Other countries have the same tradition, they did the same celebration like what Filipinos do. As what we have noticed, in Thailand they do not celebrate this kind of festivity unlike other Asian countries that celebrate the same. Here in the Philippines, people do the cleaning in the cemetery while visiting their relatives or family members that passed away.
All Saints’ Day also celebrated by France people on the 1st day of November. People usually come to church services while praying for the dead. People from all over the country gather and visit the grave of their deceased relatives and clean the area and light the candles as well. The next day people will continue to celebrate for the All Soul’s Day. Although All Saints’ Day is celebrated in many countries around the globe it is not considered a public holiday in most countries especially here in the Philippines.



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